Site Introduction

The Corning Optical Fiber OptoCommerce® Web Site presents you with the opportunity to easily check your order and shipment information online. The web site provides quality service, a simple way to verify your order status and a new method to contact us.
The Order Detail section includes information on both open and shipped orders. A sampling of the information you will be able to view on your open order is:
  • The status of your open orders
  • The ordered product type and description
  • Carrier name and telephone number to be used with each shipment
  • The sold to and ship to address
  • The location where your product is shipping from
  • The shipment terms and port of entry when applicable
In addition, the OptoCommerce® Web Site offers the following information on your shipped orders:
  • Total kilometers shipped per order
  • The number of reels and billed reel lengths (listed in buckets for random shipments)
  • The Corning estimated date of arrival of the product to your door
The OptoCommerce® Web Site also provides Corning Optical Fiber Product Information, a list of your Corning Account Team, the links to Corning's external web sites, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.